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6 Warning Signs That You Need a Roof Replacement

Most homeowners only begin to consider the health of their roof once problems arise. At Oz-Roof, we always emphasise the importance of proactive roof maintenance …

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A Comprehensive Guide to Transforming Your Home’s Exterior

Is the outside of your home looking a little tired and worse for wear? Don’t despair! You’re not alone. Many homeowners feel overwhelmed when it …

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cost of roof replacement Adelaide

The Cost of a Roof Replacement in Adelaide: Everything You Need to Know

There inevitably comes a time in a roof’s lifespan when, whether due to age or damage, replacement becomes a necessity. Faced with this prospect, one …

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Roof Restorations Explained: Why a Proactive Approach Is Best for Your Roof

For most Adelaide homeowners, the property they live in will be the most significant investment of their lives. Our homes are not only a place …

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Decramastic Roofing: What Homeowners Should Know, and Why It May Be Time for a Replacement

Decramastic roof tiles, also known as pressed metal tiles or “Decrabond”, were a popular style of Australian roofing during the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Decramastic …

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Should I Seal My Roof? Why the Benefits Outweigh the Costs

If you’re a homeowner in South Australia, then you may be wondering if roof sealing is worth the investment. The short answer: yes! A roof …

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9 Things to Consider When Selecting a Roofing Contractor

Your roof is an essential part of your home. As your first line of defence against the elements, it will protect you, your family, and …

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Why Replace a Tile Roof with Colourbond

Becoming so much more common and popular around Adelaide is to replace an old tiled roof with new Insulated Colourbond roof sheeting. As many houses …

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The Importance of pre-purchase roof inspection

These days most people are aware of the benefits of getting a pre-purchase building inspection of a home prior to purchase. Most savvy buyers and …

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tile roof restoration Adelaide

5 Benefits of a Tile Roof Restoration

Of the nearly 10 million homes in Australia more than half are clad with a tiled roof. Every 20 years or so that tiled roof …

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