Gutter Replacement Adelaide

Are your gutters overflowing or damaged? We can replace your old gutters and install new high-quality gutters that will protect your home from water damage for years to come.

Gutter Replacement Adelaide

Are your gutters overflowing or damaged? We can replace your old gutters and install new high-quality gutters that will protect your home from water damage for years to come.


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As a trusted gutter replacement company in Adelaide, we offer fast and reliable service at competitive prices. Contact us today using our contact form or call us on 0419 039 693 to schedule a free quote and inspection.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – water damage can cause expensive repairs. Get in touch with us now to discuss gutter replacement options for your home.


Many of our gutter replacements are done at the same time as a roof restoration. Often the roof and gutters have both deteriorated over time and are in need of work. As some of the corner cap tiles need to be lifted when undertaking gutter replacement its great to do both at the same time. Typically we will pressure clean the old roof first to flush all junk and debris into the old gutters. Following this all gutter replacement and downpipe work is completed and then we continue with our work on the tile roof. This process delivers the best outcome for the client and their roof.


One of the biggest benefits received from a gutter and downpipe replacement over and above the great looks are potential increased capacity in the roof plumbing system. Many original older homes have an inadequate number of downpipes for the roof size. In many cases the downpipes they do have are too small and don’t flow enough water and become blocked easily. We recommend installing 90mm PVC round downpipes and usually adding a few extra ones just so a homes roof plumbing system is ready for any weather events that might come up.


We are Not a franchise!

We are a locally owned and operated roofing and guttering business servicing the local area. When you make a phone call to us it won’t go through to a national call centre. The person that inspects your roof will issue the quote and then manage the job to completion.

No Money down!

We have a no money upfront policy. While other companies charge a hefty deposit and often ask for a percentage of the job upfront to lock you in, we don’t play any of those games. We just ask for a $100 deposit and don’t ask for a cent more until your gutter and downpipe replacement is fully complete and you are 100% happy with your new roof. No risk, No pressure. No BS.

Competitively priced!

Because we aren’t a big company with huge overheads or part of a national franchise system we are able to be very competitively priced. From years of feedback, we have found that we are generally 30% – 40% cheaper than the big name brands and franchises – This is while delivering a quality of work that exceeds our competitors. We can usually give an approximate figure over the phone based on online imagery.

Specialists in roofing and Guttering

We just do roofing and guttering and do it really well. We won’t try to sell you Roller shutters or Solar panels or steak knives or pizzas! Roofing and guttering is what we know and love and the only thing we do. Don’t go with a company that sells everything under the sun, they can’t possibly take their guttering as seriously as we do.

Backing of the big name manufacturers!

We might be a small company but through a proven history of quality work, we have the backing of some of the big name suppliers in the Roofing and guttering Industry. We use top quality roof and gutter components from Blue Scope Colourbond and Revolution Roofing on all our gutter replacement projects. These products are the best that money can buy and have the longest and strongest warranties to back them up.

Tradesmen not salesmen

The person that comes to your house is a tradesman of many years experience that really knows guttering and roofing. We are not a company that sends you a high pressure sales person with no real industry experience who will probably be selling Indoor blinds at his next appointment. We don’t play sales games either.

We generally give you a fixed price quote verbally at our roof inspection and then follow it up with a formal quote by email.

No “for a limited time only” No, “If you sign up today we will give you a fake discount” No, “Free plasma TV for this week only” We just give up front discussion and quote with no games.

Fully Licensed Professionals

We are a fully licensed Building Work Contractor. BLD 313622


With over a decade of experience servicing hundreds of Australian homes, Oz-Roof has consistently recognised the importance of delivering the right services for our clients. No matter what solution or service your roof may require, our team is always determined to ensure your satisfaction.
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Alexandra Lockwood

Value for money work done on my roof. Old tiles for Colourbond. Has given the house a fresh, modern look. Is much admired by all. Work done ...

Ann Duncan

Men did a great job of the roof. Good price and confident work. Would have them again.

Leela Woodard

We are very happy with the result of having a roof restoration with Oz-Roof. From beginning to end it was effortless for us with really great communication. ...

Bianca Russo

The Guys from Oz-Roof did an amazing job. Very happy with the the quality of work that was done to our tired looking roof. It has completely ...

Philip Carrington

The job was done very well and professionally. They could not have done enough for me. The quality of workmanship was excellent. They finished on time. They ...


Yes, as long as the overall capacity of the gutter is not less than the original.

Yes. Oz-Roof carries public liability Insurance covered up to 20 million. Oz-Roof is a fully licensed building work contractor and can be looked up on the OCBA database.

No. Our tradesmen will put tiles back in place overnight if needed.

A gutter and downpipe replacement on a typical house will take 1 – 2 days.

As house gutters are made from sheet metal Iron they are prone to rust. The best way to tell if your gutters need replacing is to look inside of them, checking for any visible rust or corrosion. If so it's likely that gutter replacement will soon be needed. The external Coloured surface of the gutter may rust or blister also. Please read our in-depth blog post on when to replace your gutters

With good maintenance a set of house gutters typically last for 30 - 40 years. In marine environments the life span can be less and in areas where gutters remain blocked full of damp tree leaves for years at a time the life expectancy of the gutters can be reduced significantly.

While there are certainly advantages in undertaking both of these activities at the same time, it is not essential. On many properties the gutter system may fail long before the roof cladding is due for replacement. There are however advantages in both being done at the same time as a metal roofer is going to be doing either job and this efficiency may make gutter more economical if done in conjunction with a roof replacement.

Signs of gutter leaks or blockages include overflowing water during heavy rainfall, water stains on the exterior walls, and vegetation growing in the gutters. Wet or stained internal ceilings. These issues can lead to further damage to the structure and foundation of the house, so it is crucial to address them promptly.

Most gutters fitted to an Australian home will be rolled from Bluescope Colourbond material. These gutters have an excellent service life in most conditions. Other options such as Aluminium and stainless steel are possible but are significantly more expensive and may not be needed.

Repairing gutters is typically not a long term solution. Most repairs are really just temporary stop leak measures by use of silicon and will not last long. If you gutters are failing or significantly leaking then its likely a best spend of money to have a full gutter and downpipe replacement done.

We highly recommend the installation of 90mm round pvc downpipes for all gutter replacements. Many original houses have 50mm x 100mm rectangular metal downpipes installed. These are very prone to blockages caused by leaves and debris and have half the flow rate capacity of 90mm PVC downpipes. The PVC sealed downpipe system also allows to flow up hill to a road or rainwater tank if needed.

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