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At Oz-Roof we have extensive experience with any roof painting in Adelaide. We only use top quality Dulux paints and membranes and can offer the best warranty conditions because of this. We can restore and repaint both tiled and metal roofing. If you need Roof Painting in Adelaide then call us. We offer an unmatched 10 year warranty against flaking or peeling of your repainted roof and we guarantee to “Beat the big guys on quality and price everytime”.

Benefits of Roof Painting

A roof is arguably the most important element of a house. All other elements of a house are kept integral by the weather tight ability of the roof. A leaking roof can lead to many additional problems in a house, timber rot and termites being one of them as termites need moisture in order to burrow for timber to eat. In our years of experience of doing roof painting we have seen many a damaged houses that could have been avoided had an inspection and maintenance of the roof been done. Every roof painting that Oz-Roof undertake in Adelaide is performed to the highest standard ensuring that all potential leak points are checked and sealed if need be.

Adelaide Roof Painting Process


ROOF PAINTING Warranty period

At Oz-Roof we offer an unmatched 10 year warranty against significant fade or peel on all of our roof paintings in Adelaide. We can offer this warranty because of the confidence we have in the quality of our work. Particularly our primers are applied so well that the bonding of the finished paint surface to the tile is excellent. This only means the finished product lasts longer and performs better over time. For the best roof painting in Adelaide call Oz-Roof today.

Adelaide Roof Painting Warranty Period

Low Pressure Approach

We didn’t get to be the best at roof painting in Adelaide by pressuring our clients. Our quality and price speaks for itself. We don’t send sales people to quote your job, we send trades people. At Oz-Roof we understand that a client is a client because they choose to be, not because they have to be. We are not a big business or a national franchise company with huge overheads and hence we are able to offer great quality work at a significant discount to the competition. From our feedback over the years from past customers, we are typically 20% cheaper than the big players. In the market of roof painting in Adelaide. As always, we promise to “beat the big guys on quality and price every time”.

Adelaide's Roofing Experts

Remote Inspection

Our commercial subscription for Nearmap allows us a very detailed satellite picture of the city and suburban areas and greatly assists in the quoting of our roof painting in Adelaide. In many cases we are able to give either a very accurate estimate or a fixed price quotation without ever stepping foot on your roof. We always advise that the satellite imagery, as good as it is, does not let us get down to the level of detecting breakages or cracks in individual tiles or to check the integrity or specific flashings or roof screws. Our quotes always reflect this so that there is no smoke and mirrors.

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