Roof Restoration With a 15 Year Warranty

Roof Restoration 15 Year Warranty

From its earliest days of trading the team at Oz-Roof knew that the Dulux products were the best products to use for roof restorations. We undertook the training and testing involved in becoming a Dulux certified applicator and it was well worth the effort.

When you get your roof restoration or roof painting done by Oz-Roof it comes with a 15 year warranty issued from both Dulux and Oz-Roof. The warranty period and strength are the best in the industry. The Dulux Acratex roof membrane product is actually made here in Adelaide and the support we get from the team at Dulux is fantastic too. They are always willing to answer any questions and even come out to site whenever needed.

Oz Roof Roof Restoration 15 Year Warranty

People often ask us how many coats of the roofing membrane we will apply. The answer is always the same as it is the Dulux Acratex standard method. We apply 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of colour. The primer and coating are applied after undertaking extensive high pressure cleaning of the roof surface. We are very generous with all 3 of our coats and they are probably equal to 4 light coats once finished.

We also very often use the Dulux Hi-Build primer. The Hi-Build primer is white in colour and usually delivers the best quality finish to the new roof surface when applied properly. When we undertake the roof restoration in this manner, we receive the Dulux 15 year warranty for each and every job.

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If you have ever had a roof restoration in the past and found the roof coating surface to flake or peel after 3 – 5 years you are not alone. We have inspected many of these and the problem is normally one of two things or both. Firstly the product is not Dulux Acratex and secondly the applicator probably mixed water in with the new roof coating to save a few dollars. Anything like this is strictly against the rules with the Dulux products and Oz-Roof as a certified Dulux applicator would never do this.

For detailed information on exactly how we undertake our roof restorations and roof painting view our roof painting page. We also have lots of before and after images in our restorations gallery.

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