Roof Tile Colours

roof tile colour red

So you have come to the conclusion that your roof requires roof restoration but unsure what colour to go with for your new roof. At Oz-Roof we have done many roofs over the years and helped many past clients choose a roof tile colour that really suits their house.

In past decades there were certain hero colours that are never selected these days. In the 70s and 80s mission brown was a popular colour whether it be a tile roof colour or kitchen cabinetry brown was the popular choice for a number of years. These days most people cant think of anything worse than coating their nice new tiled roof in any form of brown.

A popular selection that is both modern and classic is to boarder a lighter roof colour with a darker coloured gutter and or Barge flashing. The option is really only able to be taken up as part of a gutter replacement. A popular choice of colour with this two tone option is to have a Woodland Grey or Basalt coloured roof bordered with Night sky (black) coloured new guttering. The effect of the darker colour placed at the border of the roof really gives a good effect and makes a house standout from the others in the street.

An example of a roof Basalt Coloured Colourbond roof with Night sky (black) Barge flashings and guttering.

Popular roof tile colours

The number one most popular roof colour in Australia for both new colourbond roofs in roof replacements and coated tile roofs in roof restorations In Monument. Without being too technical, Monument is almost a charcoal in most peoples eyes. Probably a slightly softer version of charcoal with a very slight tint of blue it is the most common colour in every state. In number two position would be Woodland Grey. This mid to dark grey colour is still significantly lighter than Monument with some very slight green tints in it making it a great colour for many styles of home from modern to classic.

Before After

An original Monier Homestead concrete shingle tile in original heavily faded brown finish. This roof was fully restored and coated in Monument gloss. The photos show such a significant transformation.

An original Monier Elabana Concrete tiled roof in original mission brown colour fully recoated in Woodland Grey Gloss finish.

Heat reflective roof colours

We get asked so often if choosing a lighter colour is good for heat reflectivity. In most cases we advise that if you don’t intend to choose surfmist white then don’t be to concerned with the heat reflectivity of the darker colours as they are all quite hot in mid summer. There are options to choose the Dulux Cool Roof Residential products as these give significantly increased heat reflectivity rates when compared with the standard coating. They are a bit more expensive but for the heat conscious home owner they can be a good investment over time.


For those that prefer the more traditional colours the above two images show an original heritage red concrete tiled roof fully recoated in Tuscan Red Dulux Acratex.


If you think your property may be in need of a roof restoration but are unsure on a colour selection then let us know. We find the best way for a new client to select their new tiled roof colour is to dive by a few past jobs to see how the colour has turned out in real life. Looking at a colour swatch on a glossy brochure really doesn’t give you a good indication of what your roof and property will look like when finished. Even worse is to attempt to choose a colour via computer screen as the the colour error via screen is significant. Feel free to have a look at the available colours from Dulux and don’t make your final colour decision until you have seen a finished roof restoration by Oz-Roof. Happy Colour selecting from the oz-roof crew!

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