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Oz-Roof are specialists in roof sealing of tiled roofs in Adelaide. If your tiled roof is looking faded or washed out its highly likely it could benefit from roof sealing. Porous roof tiles become brittle and age quickly. Following a new roof sealing your tiles will and will look better than the day they were new. We offer an unmatched 15 year warranty against flaking or peeling of your freshly sealed roof and we guarantee to “Beat the big guys on quality and price every time”.

To see some fantastic transformations and before and after photos of our recent roof sealing projects click here to view our gallery.

  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Competitively Priced
  • 5 Star Reviewed

Roof Sealing process

The roof sealing process is done in the same way on every job to ensure the highest quality. The outcome is a fantastic looking roof that is free of leaks, fully sealed and no longer porous:
roof seal adelaide roof pressure cleaning

1. Pressure cleaning roof tiles

The first step in the process is to pressure clean the roof tiles. In order to allow the following primer coat to create a good impervious seal of the roof tile it’s very important to thoroughly clean the roof and remove all the grime and dirt from the surface of the tile. In most situations we use a concrete cleaning device connected to a pressure cleaner pump. The concrete cleaner reduces the amount of mess significantly and reduces the clean up time.

2. Roof Repairs

Following the roof cleaning stage it’s much easier to spot any broken or chipped tiles and identify flaws or defects in the roof. All broken tiles are replaced at this point and any bedding requiring replacement is done also.

3. Roof Pointing

At this step in the roof sealing process all the cap tiles are re-pointed. We use flexible polymer based pointing compound and in most cases simply point over the top of the original cement pointing. The flexible pointing does not crack with roof movement as the old cement pointing did. In some cases the original tile bedding has failed and meant that all the cap tiles must be removed and have the bedding replaced.

4. Roof Priming

The application of primer is probably the most important in the roof sealing process. For all our roof sealing jobs we only use the Dulux Hi-Build primer. The primer costs a little more but is well worth the extra cost. The Hi-Build primer is thicker than standard roof sealer. It is white in colour and works to seal off the outside surface of the tiles, ensuring they are no longer porous. The quality of the finished sealed roof surface really depends most on how well the cleaning and priming stages are done.

5. Colour Coating

The last stage of the roof sealing process is the colour coating stage. At this point we apply 2 generous coats of roof membrane in any chosen colour. We do not mix water with the colour coat as some other operators do. We tend to heavily apply the coating at this stage, ensuring the roof coating is top quality and the finished product looks fantastic.

6. Admiration

Your newly sealed roof will now look better than the day it was installed!

Benefits of Roof Sealing

Roof Appearance

Roof sealing can make a huge difference to the appearance of your roof and really transform a whole house. In many cases a newly sealed roof actually looks better than the original tile when new. The coating is a gloss finish and really shines. The coating is warranted for a period of 15 years by Dulux and Oz-Roof so you can be assured its fantastic new look is not short lived. Any new roof coating colour can be chosen irrespective of the original colour of the tile. Often clients want to change roof colour to modernise or change the look of their home.

Longevity of the roof

The biggest wear factor on a roof is when the roof tiles become porous. When in this state the roof tiles will absorb water with each and every rain event and then eventually dry out. The repeated action of absorption and drying over a long period of time causes a concrete roof tile to become brittle and crack. In many cases this is actually visible from ground level. If you notice a roof looking damp or soaked several hours after rain this is often a sign of water absorption and a porous roof. Following roof sealing this will never happen again. All water that lands on the roof will simply run down it and into the guttering rather than be absorbed.

Cost of roof sealING in Adelaide

The cost of roof sealing in Adelaide really depends on the house and the roof type. We don’t tend to use square metre rates but look at each job separately. The roof pitch and access to a site often influence the quoted price more than the overall size of the roof. We only use the best quality market leading roof products from Dulux and while this adds a little to our cost base the finished outcome is well worth it. The cost to undertake roof sealing on a typical Adelaide house of 4 bedrooms with a standard 22 degree roof pitch is usually around the $6500+GST mark. For a larger home or slightly steeper roof this may be more like $8000+GST. The number of broken tiles is also a factor when quoting in Adelaide.

Roof Sealing with Solar panels

With the huge popularity of solar in Australia we come across the question every day of what to do with rooftop solar panels when considering roof sealing. In most cases we leave the solar panels in place and simply undertake the roof sealing process around them. In this case we ensure the roof sealing coating is sprayed around 100mm under the edge of the solar panels so that no uncoated tile surface can be seen from the ground. On a roof with significant wear or when the tiles are obviously extremely porous we recommend our clients to pay a little extra and have the solar panels temporarily removed and reinstalled after the roof sealing. In this case we arrange all this and get one of our partner solar electricians to do the work.


With over a decade of experience servicing hundreds of Australian homes, Oz-Roof has consistently recognised the importance of delivering the right services for our clients. No matter what solution or service your roof may require, our team is always determined to ensure your satisfaction.
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Lynley Pilkington

The guys at Oz roof were great and very professional. Our roof looks like new and the quality of the work was very good. We would definitely ...

Jane Kelly

Justin and the crew from Oz-Roof did an amazing job with repointing and painting my roof, it looks brand new! Fantastic value for money compared to their ...

Stuart Mitchell

Justin and his team undertook a complete re-roofing of our house. Not only did they do a fantastic job, but they were efficient and communicated well throughout. ...

Russell Morgan

Justin and his team were a pleasure to deal with. The job ran like clockwork, everything that was promised was delivered on time. Price was extremely competitive.

Michael Williams

What a great job the boys did my roof restoration. I couldn`t be happier it looks brand new. Friendly service all round and a great price. Thanks


We are Not a franchise!

We are a locally owned and operated roof sealing business servicing the local area. When you make a phone call to us it won’t go through to a national call centre. The person that inspects your roof will issue the quote and then manage your roof sealing job to completion.

No Money down!

We have a no money upfront policy. While other companies charge a hefty deposit and often ask for a percentage of the job upfront to lock you in, we don’t play any of those games. We just ask for a $100 deposit and don’t ask for a cent more until your roof sealing is fully complete and you are 100% happy. No risk, No pressure. No BS.

Competitively priced!

Because we aren’t a big company with huge overheads or part of a national franchise system we are able to be very competitively priced. From years of feedback, we have found that we are generally 30% – 40% cheaper than the big name brands and franchises – This is while delivering a quality of roof sealing that exceeds our competitors.

Specialists in roof sealing

We just do roof sealing and do it really well. We won’t try to sell you Roller shutters or Solar panels or steak knives or pizzas! Roof sealing is what we know and love and the only thing we do. Don’t go with a company that sells everything under the sun, they can’t possibly take their roof sealing as seriously as we do.

Backing of the big name manufacturers!

We might be a small company but through a proven history of quality work, we have the backing of some of the big name suppliers in the Roof sealing Industry. For all our Tile Roof sealing we exclusively use Dulux Acratex products. Oz-Roof is a Dulux certified applicator and that means the full Dulux 15 years warranty comes with all our roof sealing jobs.

Tradesmen not salesmen

The person that comes to your house is a tradesman of many years experience that really knows roof sealing. We are not a company that sends you a high pressure sales person with no real industry experience who will probably be selling Indoor blinds at his next appointment. We don’t play sales games either.

We generally give you a fixed price quote verbally at our roof inspection and then follow it up with a formal quote by email.

No “for a limited time only” No, “If you sign up today we will give you a fake discount” No, “Free plasma TV for this week only” We just give up front discussion and quote with no games.

Fully Licensed Professionals

We are a fully licensed Building Work Contractor. BLD 313622


Roof sealing means rejuvenating your existing roof by way of a process. This process includes pressure cleaning, re-pointing, changing broken tiles and finally coating and therefore sealing of the roof tiles surface. The end result is a roof that looks better than the day it was new and has an impervious seal that will be warranted for 15 years.

Roof sealing is essentially the same as other processes. Once completed the roof tiles will no longer be able to absorb rain water and will be fully sealed. For more detailed information you can read our blog post roof painting vs roof sealing vs roof restoration explained.

Yes all our quotations are free. If you would like an understanding of what roof sealing may cost for your home the best way is to give us a call or send an enquiry via the website. We will respond quickly and are usually able to give a very accurate estimate for roof sealing on your home based on our High resolution aerial images.

There are many benefits following a new roof seal, longevity of the roof and drastically increased aesthetic appear to be a few.
Your freshly sealed roof will be warranted by both Oz-Roof and Dulux Australia for a period of 15 years.

In most cases yes, this dampness indicated that the original concrete tiles are porous and absorbing water during each rain event. Sealing the roof will stop this.

Yes there are 2 options here, in about half of cases we leave the panels on and coat around them but for the other half we can arrange temporary removal and have our solar electrician reinstall them after the roof sealing process is complete.
Oz-Roof primarily services the greater Adelaide metro area however we will on occasions do roof sealing jobs in country areas also.
Any colour in the Dulux range of Acratex are available. There are many colours here and the colour you choose for your roof sealing is not dependent on your current roof colour.
Yes, Dulux has the Cool Roof Residential range which is a fantastic heat reflective roof coating product.

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