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If you find your home to be a bit on the cold side during winter and struggle to keep it cool during summer, then chances are your home Insulation may not be adequate. Around 70 percent of the heat energy passing into and out of a typical home is through the roof and ceiling system. Having substandard or low performing roof and ceiling insulation can dramatically increase the cost of heating and cooling bills over a year. The good news is this can be dramatically rectified with the help of Oz-Roof Insulation services.


With over a decade of experience, servicing hundreds of Australian homes and roofs, we always recognise the importance of delivering the right services for our clients. That is why no matter what solution or service your roof may require, our team is always determined to ensure your satisfaction.
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Michelle Baccinello

Our roof looks like new!

Katharine Swain

The Team from Oz-Roof did a fantastic job of making our roof look new again. They were professional from the very beginning to the very end. I …

Michael Williams

What a great job the boys did my roof restoration. I couldn`t be happier it looks brand new. Friendly service all round and a great price. Thanks

Samuel Gooding

We were really happy with the price (far cheaper then the other quotes we got) and the quality of work. We really like our new roof – …

Alexandra Lockwood

Value for money work done on my roof. Old tiles for Colourbond. Has given the house a fresh, modern look. Is much admired by all. Work done …


  • Reduced heating and cooling bills are probably the biggest benefit of upgrading roof & ceiling Insulation. In older homes with little or substandard ceiling and roof insulation, the benefits of upgrading can reduce power bills by up to 25%.
  • Reduced dust inside the home is another benefit of roof space vacuuming. Over the years, dust from various sources tends to settle in the roof space. This is particularly evident in older tiled roof homes. The fine dust is often able to enter the internal part of the home through down lights, exhaust fans and any cracks in cornices. This can be quite annoying for anyone with dust allergies. Vacuuming of the roof space eliminates this and ensures a dust free house for many years.
  • Noise reduction in some homes can be a benefit of replacement ceiling insulation. In homes with very thin or blow-in style insulation, the noise suppression offered is minimal. Upgrading to a thick insulation batt of around 200 mm can increase the noise suppression effect significantly.


There are 2 main types of roof Insulation upgrades for residential homes, each are different and gives different benefits:

Roof Insulation blanket retro fit for roof sheeting

There are many homes around Adelaide constructed with an original Iron or Colourbond roof that have no lining or insulation product fitted directly under the roof sheeting. With no Insulation lining the roof sheeting, it makes it very easy for heat and cold to pass through the roof sheet and into the roof space. We offer the service of retrofitting foil backed insulation blanket directly under the roof sheeting. In this process we progressively remove every roof sheet, usually 2 at a time, lay the new roof insulation over the framework and reinstall the original roof sheet with new roof screws. The process only takes a few days on an average roof but allows any iron roof to be retro fitted with Insulation blanket directly under the roof sheeting, slowing the transfer of heat and cold at the source.

Roof space vacuum cleaning and re-insulating

Many homes around Adelaide have the problems of inadequate ceiling Insulation and very dirty and dusty roof space. In this process, we provide a solution to both of these problems. We remove any original ceiling Insulation, whether this be batts or blown-in type. Then the entire roof space is vacuum cleaned with an industrial vacuum cleaning machine. We then dispose of all the waste and re-line the ceiling with new Insulation. In most cases, we use R4 or R5 Insulation batts. By undertaking this process we can leave a clean dust free roof space and in many cases increase the R rating by many times the original.


The cost of roof insulation replacement and upgrade depend on several factors such as site access, physical size of the job being done, the original roof insulation type and the specified type and R-Rating of the new roof insulation. Every job is different, so give us a call to discuss some ballpark figures. As a general price guide:
  • To remove and dispose of the original roof insulation, vacuum clean the entire roof space, and re-install new R4 ceiling batts will cost around $30 – $35 + GST per square metre.
  • The undertaking of a roof insulation retro fit is a little more difficult to provide an approximate figure. From past projects a single story moderately sized house roof will cost around $5000+GST to have roofing blanket fully retro fitted and have all roof screws replaced with new.


Yes this is absolutely fine, other than noise there will be little disruption to your daily life. All the work is done through the roof, so you won’t even have anyone inside the house.

It certainly can, the cost of the insulation upgrade often pays for itself over a few years in reduced heating and cooling bills.

If your house is older than 10 years, there is a high chance the insulation could be better. The energy efficiency star ratings on new houses are relatively recent.

Yes, in fact the noise suppressing effect of insulated roof sheeting vs non-insulated is significant, especially during rain events.

Yes, we certainly can.

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