Roof Restoration

Oz-Roof are the Adelaide experts in roof restoration.

We are a small locally owned and operated business that specalise in all types of roof restoration, roof painting and roof replacement for all kinds of South Australian homes.



Oz-Roof are the experts in roof restoration in Adelaide. We are a small locally owned and operated business and specalise in all types of Roof Restoration, roof painting and roof replacement.

We love transforming and restoring roofs and give great personal service through our small team.

Whether it’s a full roof replacement or a complete roof restoration Oz-Roof can do the job.

Our business model is a bit different from the others, our small team with low overheads allow us to give great pricing that other big name companies can’t come near. Our company motto is “We beat the big guys on quality and price every time”!

roof restoration Service

Roof Restorations really come in 2 main forms: A Roof painting restoration and a Roof replacement or Re-roofing type restoration. For all our Roof painting restorations we only use the Dulux Acratex products. In our opinion Dulux are the Industry leader in roof coatings and products. They give us their full support by way of a 15 year warranty and product information and list Oz-Roof as a certified applicator of all Dulux Acratex products. For more detailed information on exactly how we go about the Roof painting restoration process click here.

Roof Restoration Process

Tile Roof Restoration

Its worth getting a roof restoration done sooner rather than later. We can restore just about any roof in any condition but the longer a tile roof is left porous and open to the elements the more damage is done. It’s the repeated action of the concrete tiles absorbing rain water and then drying out that causes the tiles to become brittle. The longer the tiles are left in this state the more brittle they become. After a complete roof restoration the roof is sealed and tile surface no longer porous thus prolonging the life of the tile. For more details on our roof painting and restoration process click here to see the roof painting page.

Metal Roof Restoration

A metal or colourbond roof has some similarities with a tile roof in that it gives far more value if done earlier. On a metal roof the base metal can really last forever as long as the outer coating is maintained. Rust and corrosion only appears on the sheets after the original roof seal coating fails. By undertaking a roof restoration and sealing the roof sheets early rust can be prevented and the integrity of the base metal maintained. For more details on our roof painting and restoration process click here to see the roof painting page.

Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration

Terracotta roof tiles are different to concrete in several ways. Firstly they can not be painted. There is still no paint or coating product that can bond to the terracotta tile surface and maintain its finish long term. We generally pressure clean the Terracotta surface and apply a silicon-based solution to give a good roof seal to the tiles. Terracotta Tiles Roofs have a strong tendency to moss and lichen growing on the tile surface. The silicon-based roof seal just deters the moss regrow by blocking up the pores of the tile. As part of a Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration, we pressure clean your roofs.

1990s Colourbond Roof Restoration

In the late 90s and early 2000s there was a long running batch of colourbond that had a tendency to loose its out coating rather quickly, usually starting to flake and peel off from the 10 year mark onwards. The good news is these sheets are usually able to be restored back to new with a roof restoration as the original Zincalume coating remains bonded and stuck to the base metal. Check our gallery to see what we have done with many roofs clad with 1990s Colourbond.

Cost of Roof Restoration

At Oz-Roof we are proud to offer a great value service to our roof restoration customers. We give a fantastic standard of finished work backed by the strongest warranty periods in the industry. We offer all this at a price that is usually 20% – 30% cheaper than the big-name players. We are able to keep our prices down as we aren’t a huge company with big offices and high overheads to pay. We don’t have salesmen that take a commission and play silly games with customers. We are a small team that just enjoy what we do. As a rough price estimate, the cost of a full roof restoration is usually around $6000 – $7000 for a reasonably simple regular size roof and around $8000 – $9000 for a larger and more steep roof. Obviously, every roof is a little different and hence requires a site inspection to determine the exact cost.

Ask about our Multiple house discount!

If you need a roof restoration then chances are some of your neighbours might too. At Oz-roof we offer great discounts for multiple houses in one street or area. Offering up to a 10% discount for 2 houses, and 15% for 3 houses or more. We pick up a lot of efficiency in doing several roof restorations in one area and are therefore happy to offer a discount on the cost of your roof restoration.

Re-Roofing Restoration

The ultimate roof renovation for any house is a roof replacement or re-roofing type restoration. For all our re-roofing and Tile conversions we only use the best quality Australian made products. The roof sheeting and roofing products from Revolution Roofing are the best in the game and come with the longest warranty periods when installed by Oz-Roof. For all our roof Insulation we use the best gear from CSR Bradford. Have a look on the Re-roofing page and in our Gallery for great before and after photos of Re-roofing and Tile conversion restorations.


With over a decade of experience, servicing hundreds of Australian homes and roofs, we always recognise the importance of delivering the right services for our clients. That is why no matter what solution or service your roof may require, our team is always determined to ensure your satisfaction.

Lynley Pilkington

The guys at Oz roof were great and very professional. Our roof looks like new and the quality of the work was very good. We would definitely …

Susie Braunack

We are very happy with the appearance and quality of our Oz-Roof re-coating of our old Colorbond roof. Justin, Daniel & Joel were very professional, working around …

Michelle Baccinello

Our roof looks like new!

Ann Duncan

Men did a great job of the roof. Good price and confident work. Would have them again.

Bianca Russo

The Guys from Oz-Roof did an amazing job. Very happy with the the quality of work that was done to our tired looking roof. It has completely …


Yes we can restore Concrete Tile Terracotta tile and colourbond or metal roofing.

Oz-Roof issue a 15 year warranty over the new roof coating. This is also backed up by Dulux as we are a certified applicator of the Dulux Acratex product and have done all the required training and testing.

Yes you certainly can. There is no problem with occupants remaining in the home during the roof restoration process however we don’t require you to be home. All we need is power and water to undertake our works.

Yes any colour within reason can be applied to both a metal or tiled roof. The chosen colour has no impact on price and is not dependant on the original colour of the roof.

Yes Oz-Roof is fully Insured, carrying a 20 Million public liability policy at all times.

Yes Oz-Roof is a fully licenced roofing contractor with a full builders licence. Our licence can be searched on the OCBA database.

No this is not a problem. In most cases the panels can stay on the roof but we will advise you if we think they should be temporarily removed after a roof inspection.

No this is not true. This is semantics and sales tactics played by some other companies. Once the tile surface has been coated the roof has been sealed and the tiles are no longer porous.

Your new roof restoration roof coating is covered under a 15 Year warranty issued by Dulux and Oz-Roof.

Yes we can replace pointing only however we will give your roof a good inspection because chances are if the pointing is failing it may be a better use of your money to have a full roof restoration done at the same time.

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