We are a small locally owned and operated business that specialise in all types of roof restorations for South Australian homes. We are the specialists for all roof tile restorations and cement tile roof restorations.  


We are a small locally owned and operated business that specialise in all types of roof restorations for South Australian homes.


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We are a small Adelaide owned and operated business and specialise in all types of Roof Restoration, roof painting and roof replacement for Adelaide homes.

We love transforming homes with a roof restoration and give great personal service through our Adelaide based team.

For a top quality Roof Restoration in Adelaide call Oz-Roof  “we beat the big guys on quality and price every time”.


We take great pride in each and every Adelaide roof Restoration we undertake and only use the absolute best quality products for all our coating and pointing. Our professional roof restorers have done hundreds of roofs and are certified with Dulux which means all our restored roofs come with a Dulux 15 Year applicator Warranty.

To see one of our guys in action doing some repointing, have a look at the above video. 

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At Oz-Roof our business model is a bit different from the others, our small team with low overheads allow us to give great pricing that other big name companies can’t come near. Our roof restoration service includes concrete tiled roofs and metal or Colourbond roofs. Your Inspection and quote are done by a tradesman not a salesman. For all our roof restorations we only use the highest quality products from Dulux. We are a certified Dulux applicator and are therefore able to supply a 15 year Dulux warranty on your new roof restoration. We offer our customers up front service with no games or sales tactics. Our 5 star Google reviews speak for themselves, check them out here.

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Roof Restoration Process

Concrete Tile Roof Restoration

It’s worth getting a roof restoration done sooner rather than later. We can restore just about any roof in any condition but the longer a tile roof is left porous and open to the elements the more damage is done. It’s the repeated action of the concrete tiles absorbing rainwater and then drying out that causes the tiles to become brittle. The longer the tiles are left in this state the more brittle they become. After a complete roof restoration the roof tile surface is no longer porous thus prolonging the life of the tile and extending the life of your roof. For more details on our roof painting and restoration process click here to see the roof painting page.

Tile Roof Restoration

All types of tile roof restoration are possible however it’s rare that we undertake restoration on Terracotta due to the nature of the tile to often fret and turn brittle. For these tile types we usually recommend roof replacement as the best value for money roof restoration. Almost all types of concrete tile can be restored. From shingle type tiles to traditional style they can all be restored. For tile roof restoration on a particularly old or poor condition roof we will inspect and advise you as to whether roof restoration is possible. We use the premium Hi-Build primer from Dulux for all of our roof restorations. It is undoubtedly the best roof primer on the market and always ensures a top quality finish.


A roof restoration can increase the value of your home and prolong the life of your roof for many years. The appearance of the whole house can be drastically transformed with a new roof restoration. Whether going for a new modern colour or keeping with the original theme of the house, the differences can be incredible. There are many properties around Adelaide where the roof is neglected and Roof Restoration not even considered until leaks or other problems start. By being on the front foot and giving your property a roof restoration every fifteen years or so, the serviceable life of your roof will be considerably increased and not too mention it will always look great!

Roof Restoration finance

If your home is in need of a roof restoration now but you don’t quite have the funds or would prefer to pay for the cost over time then maybe roof restoration finance is for you. With our finance partner Handy pay there are several ways to finance your upcoming roof restoration. The application process is quick and easy, for more information visit our Handy pay page.

Ask about our Multiple house discount!

If you need a roof restoration then chances are some of your neighbours might too. At Oz-roof we offer great discounts for multiple houses in one street or area. Offering up to a 10% discount for 2 houses, and 15% for 3 houses or more. We pick up a lot of efficiency in doing several roof restorations in one area and are therefore happy to offer a discount on the cost of your roof restoration.

Roof Restoration with Solar Panels

These days most roofs around Adelaide have solar panels installed and we are often asked what can be done when it comes to roof restoration with solar panels installed. We work with several solar electricians in Adelaide on a very regular basis and for us It’s as simple as one phone call to have a solar system of any size removed and reinstalled after our roof restoration work has been completed. For tile roof restorations we usually recommend removing the panels only and leaving the rails and mounting hardware still attached to the roof. This allows us access to inspect and replace any broken tiles under the solar panel area and be sure of the integrity of the roof before re-installation of the panels. In cases where the roof is in reasonable condition or the customer is budget conscious, we can leave the solar panels in place with covering and temporary masking. We make sure that the new roof colour is applied around 100mm inside the line of the solar panel so that none of the original concrete tile surface can be seen from ground level. We usually send our solar electrician out several days before we start our roof restoration work to remove and stack the panels. All the rails and mounting hardware are left on the roof as they don’t prevent access to any of the roof surface. Another benefit of removing the solar panels for roof restoration is that every part of the roof can be covered under the 15 year roof restoration warranty.

Why use Oz-roof over other roof restoration companies?

Not a national franchise!

Unlike several of our competitors in the roof restoration market we are locally owned and operated by a small trusted crew in Adelaide. We are not a franchise system with call centre and aggressive sales tactics and we don’t have door knocking sales people. We are run by a small local Adelaide crew and only have a small number of trusted onsite workers ensuring our quality is always high. See what Adelaide residents have to say about our roofing services on Google reviews and then check our competitors.

Only a $100 Dollars Deposit

With any transaction in life, one party accepts more risk than the other. Our policy of $100 deposit when accepting a quote ensures there is very little risk on the client. We don’t ask for a 10% or 20% deposit upfront to lock you in like many other roof restoration companies do. Just $100 and the job gets booked in. No Games!

Priced Competitive and offering great Value!

Because we aren’t a big company with a fleet of sales people and a big office to pay for our pricing is more competitive than the bigger operators. We are typically priced around the middle of the market but deliver the best quality finished work and thus great value to our clients. As our trades people do our quoting we don’t have the overheads to pay for sales people and can pass this on to every roof restoration Adelaide client. We also utilise the tools of NearMap to give very accurate estimates on jobs before sending one of our trades people to inspect.

Roofing is all we do!

We aren’t another home improvement company selling everything from roller shutters to zip blinds to steak knives! We specialise in roofing and roof restoration is all we do. Other companies that sell everything can’t possibly be as dedicated or experienced with roof restoration in Adelaide as us.

Top Quality Materials and Suppliers!

We only use the best materials from the most trusted suppliers in the country.  All the products we use are Australian made. When you use Oz-Roof for your roof restoration in Adelaide you get a warranty from us and from Dulux. As a Dulux certified applicator we are able to issue the Dulux 15 year roof restoration warranty over every finished job. When you get a roof restoration from Oz-Roof you get the best in Oz!

We don’t have sales people

When you make an inquiry with Oz-Roof, either by phone or online, the person responding is a tradesman of many years experience. We don’t play any sales or marketing games like the other big players in the Roof Restoration market. We give an upfront estimation of cost from first enquiry. With the quality of Google street view and our professional subscription to NearMap we are able to be very accurate with our initial price estimates, often being able to quote a roof restoration online with just a quick follow up visit just to check for broken tile numbers and details that can’t be seen from online imagery. We don’t sell roller shutters and we don’t give fake discounts, just upfront and honest discussion and advice from people that weren’t selling fridges at JB Hi-Fi last week!

Fully Licensed Professionals

We are a fully licenced Building Work Contractor. BLD 313622


With over a decade of experience servicing hundreds of Australian homes, Oz-Roof has consistently recognised the importance of delivering the right services for our clients. No matter what solution or service your roof may require, our team is always determined to ensure your satisfaction.
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Ann Duncan

Men did a great job of the roof. Good price and confident work. Would have them again.

Leela Woodard

We are very happy with the result of having a roof restoration with Oz-Roof. From beginning to end it was effortless for us with really great communication. ...

Samuel Gooding

We were really happy with the price (far cheaper then the other quotes we got) and the quality of work. We really like our new roof – ...

Russell Morgan

Justin and his team were a pleasure to deal with. The job ran like clockwork, everything that was promised was delivered on time. Price was extremely competitive.

Katharine Swain

The Team from Oz-Roof did a fantastic job of making our roof look new again. They were professional from the very beginning to the very end. I ...


Yes we can restore Concrete Tile Terracotta tile and colourbond or metal roofing. We will conduct a thorough Inspection of your roof prior to issuing a quote to confirm that Roof Restoration is the best option for your home.

Oz-Roof issue a 15 year warranty over the new roof restoration. This is also backed up by Dulux as we are a certified applicator of the Dulux Acratex product and have done all the required training and testing. For more detailed information refer to our blog article Roof Restoration with a 15 year warranty.

Yes you certainly can. There is no problem with occupants remaining in the home during the roof restoration process however we don’t require you to be home. All we need is power and water to undertake our work.

Yes any colour within reason can be applied to both a metal or tiled roof. The chosen colour has no impact on price and is not dependent on the original colour of the roof.

Yes Oz-Roof is fully Insured, carrying a 20 Million public liability policy at all times.

Yes Oz-Roof is a fully licenced roofing contractor with a full builders licence. Our licence can be searched on the OCBA database.

No this is not a problem. In most cases the panels can stay on the roof but we will advise you if we think they should be temporarily removed after a roof inspection. For more detailed information on this, refer to our blog article on Roof painting and Roof Restoration with solar panels.

No this is not true. This is semantics and sales tactics played by some other companies. Once the tile surface has been coated the roof has been sealed and the tiles are no longer porous. A roof restoration is exactly the same thing. For more detailed information on this refer to our blog article Roof Restoration vs Roof Sealing vs Roof painting explained.

Your new roof restoration  is covered under a 15 Year warranty issued by Dulux and Oz-Roof. In the event that any fault may become evident both Dulux and Oz-Roof will inspect and rectify the problem. Also good to know if your roof restoration flakes or peels it would make a first for us at Oz-Roof.

Yes we can replace pointing only, however we will give your roof a good inspection because chances are if the pointing is failing it may be a better use of your money to have a full roof restoration done at the same time.

Every roof is different and therefore the cost of roof restoration can vary a little or a lot depending on a few things. For more detailed information refer to our recent blog post the cost of roof restoration in Adelaide.

There is no need to wait until summer. The team at Oz-Roof never stop working all year round. The roof restoration may take a little longer during the winter months but can still certainly be done.

This depends on several factors such as size and pitch of the roof. It also depends on the number of broken tiles. Generally 3-5 days in good weather will be adequate to complete the roof restoration.

At Oz-Roof we are proud to offer a great value for money service. Our prices are often half that of the bigger companies but our finished work is top notch. Checkout our reviews on Google to see for yourself. Read our reviews


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