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When your iron roof is beyond repair it might be time for a full roof replacement or a re-roofing. A roof replacement can drastically transform the appearance of a house and add thousand of dollars to the overall value of your property. A roof is arguably the most important element of a house. All other elements of a house are kept integral by the weather tight ability of the roof. A leaking roof can lead to many additional problems in a house, timber rot and termites being one of them as termites need moisture in order to burrow for timber to eat. In our years of experience of doing re-roofing in Adelaide we have seen many a damaged house that could have been avoided had an inspection and maintenance of the roof been done.


At Oz-Roof we’re focused on bringing you the best solutions that suit your project and budget.

That’s why we partner with NexteelTM, the next generation colourfast steel option to bring you a better pre-painted steel option with 27 brand new colours to select from and even the COLORBOND® yesterday’s heroes.

The NextSTARTM range lasts 10 years longer, due to its advanced paint technology. That’s a better colour result for longer, better protection of the steel for longer.

Re-roof once with us for specialty advice on all roof sheeting types and colours.

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Benefits of a Tile Conversion:


When re-roofing Adelaide we highly recommend lining the new roof with Insulation blanket. The insulative effect for the while house is significant with a newly insulated roof. It’s a great way of increasing the energy efficiency of old homes that were built prior to the 6 star energy rating system. With Insulation blanket and a couple of whirly birds installed the house can be up to R2.0 better Insulated than that prior to the re-roofing Adelaide.

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We didn’t get to be the best at re-roofing business in Adelaide by pressuring our clients, our quality and price speaks for itself. We don’t send sales people to quote your job, we send trades people. At Oz-Roof we understand that a client is a client because they choose to be, not because they have to be. We are not a big business or a national franchise company with huge overheads and hence we are able to offer great quality work at a significant discount to the competition. From our feedback over the years from past customers, we are typically 20% cheaper than the big players. In the market of re-roofing in Adelaide. As always, we promise to “beat the big guys on quality and price every time”.

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