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When your Concrete Tile, Terracotta Tile or metal roof is beyond repair it may be time for a re-roof or roof replacement. At some point the original roof on a house may have run its usable life and be beyond the point of roof restoration. The original concrete or Terracotta roof tiles may have become brittle or started fretting or the original metal roof may be showing signs of rust. When a roof reaches this point it’s best to stop spending good money, and invest a little more in the appearance and performance of your roof by re-roofing or roof replacement.


The ultimate and best type of roof replacement is a Tile to Iron or (Colourbond) conversion.

The benefits of this type of roof replacement are many:


The original tiled roof on a house carries a lot of thermal mass, meaning it can stay warm in summer for many hours after the sun has gone down. Tiled roofs also give very little insulative benefits to the roof space. When we carry out a tile to iron conversion, we highly recommend our clients to pay a little extra and have Insulation blanket lining the new roof. The 60mm foil backed glasswool Insulation blanket makes a huge difference to heat transference in both summer and winter. With the product being installed directly against the inside surface of the roof sheeting it is highly efficient at blocking out the heat before it enters the roof space. Its installation is quite neat on a tile conversion as the foil backed Insulation blanket is supported by the original timber tile battens that we leave in place.

Weight reduction

Did you know that the weight difference of a tiled roof compared to a metal roof is 10 to 1? Consider that a medium sized home has a tiled roof weight of around 12 Tonne. This same roof converted to Iron will have a weight of around 1.2 Tonne. This includes all the Insulation and new framing members and sheeting. This drastic weight reduction certainly helps with preventing further cracking in the house structure and sagging in the roof members. We often need to straighten and repair trusses and roof members during the process of the Tile conversion. We have found from experience that once straightened the roof structure usually experiences no further sagging as the weight reduction and bracing effect of the roof sheeting prevents it.


We have all seen the Advertisement of the guy picking up the newspaper from the front lawn and looking back in admiration of his roof. You can do the same after a tile conversion. We only use the Revolution Roofing True Oak Deep 21mm roof sheeting on all our tile conversions. We make this a zero cost upgrade on each and every job. The deeper corrugations make the product significantly stronger compared to standard depth roof sheeting. It also looks better with a nice shadow line. There are many new additional colours in the Revolution Roofing range and the warranties are fantastic.


Some people are worried that a new Iron roof will be too noisy especially with rain however, this is not true with an Insulated roof. With the foil blanket directly in contact with the underside of the roof sheet most noises are suppressed. Rain can still be heard but the noise is heavily reduced by the muffling effect of the Insulation blanket. This also practically eliminates the “creaking” sounds that can often be heard from an iron roof as it expands and contracts with the heat of the sun.

Dust and bushfire risk

In bushfire zones it really makes sense to re-roof with a tile conversion. Tile roofs always catch leaves, twigs and debris that can easily catch on fire during an ember attack. When we do a tile conversion in a bushfire zone we always scribe all the ridge and cap flashings which means the roof is completely sealed off to the outside. We usually install fine metal Ember leaf mesh to all gutters in bushfire areas to ensure that gutters are not full of leaves. The Ember mesh is designed to have a smaller aperture than an Ember and therefore not allow embers to enter the gutter space. The dust in a roof space is also practically eliminated when converting to an Iron roof. None of the dust and pollen that makes its way in through the original tile gaps will be able to get in anymore making for a cleaner roof space. We also offer roof space vacuum cleaning and re-insulating with a partner company.
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Why Our Clients invest in Re-roofing

At Oz-Roof we really don’t use square metre rates to price our jobs. We attend each job and inspect the roof and the whole site for access before giving a quote. Some of the bigger factors that affect price are the pitch of the roof and the access to the roof edge. These 2 factors alone probably influence price more so than the out right size of the roof. A low pitch roof comes with reduced difficulty and therefore reduces labour. The opposite is true for a steep pitch roof. When looking at access we try to find the most efficient way of removing the 12 – 20 Tonnes of old roof tiles from the roof and getting them in a skip and off site.

If you would like a ballpark figure on a Tile conversion re-roof for your property then give as a call. We are more than happy to give information over the phone and for most straightforward jobs we can make a reasonably accurate estimate from online imagery. If you are happy with the ball park figure we then come out to the site and do a full inspection and issue a fixed price quote.

Metal roof replacement

If your property has an original metal roof that is showing signs of rust or is old enough to be fixed with nails it may be time for a re-roof or a metal roof replacement. This type of job is cheaper and less labour intensive than the tile to Iron conversion. We do recommend however to install a roof insulation blanket under the new roof sheeting. Most original roofs do not have this and we have found it’s a great investment when paying for a roof to be replaced anyway.

As part of our re-roofing process we inspect the structure and timbers when the original roof has been removed. If there are problems needing fixing or if the roof is better to be reframed with metal battens we will make that recommendation to you at the time. Just as with our tile to iron conversions we use True Oak Deep 21mm roof sheeting on each and every project for the same reasons. Oz-Roof are also capable of re-roofing commercial and industrial property with all roofing profile types.


Probably half of all our tile to iron roof replacements are from Terracotta roof tiles. Terracotta has some benefits in that it never fades but certainly has its downsides too. It is very common for a Terracotta roof to start fretting at a point of age somewhere between 40 and 80 years. Fretting simply means that the tile begins to start crumbling away and is really progressively turning back into the very clay soil from which it was made. Once they start fretting there is no way of stopping it and therefore the best thing to do is to convert the roof to an Iron roof before the problem gets too bad.

Roof replacement with solar panels

These days most roofs have solar panels installed. We are often asked what can be done when it comes to roof replacement and reroofing when a roof already has solar panels already installed. We work with several solar installers in Adelaide on a very regular basis. It is as simple as one phone call for us to have a solar system of any size removed and reinstalled after our work has completed.

For Tile roof replacements and conversion to Colourbond roofing we need to use all new mounting components and solar panel rails. This is because the mounting components are specific to either Colourbond or Tile roofing. We generally arrange to have the solar panels removed in the week prior to us commencing the re-roofing process. We try to get them back on as soon as their respective piece of roof has been re-installed, often going back on before we have even left the site.

For re-roofing and metal roof replacement projects the panels and rails must be removed but the original hardware can generally be reused. The solar guys always check the integrity of the solar panels themselves, making sure there has been no water damage or cell failure before going back on. If they find any problems you will always be notified and replacement or new panels can be an option.

Why use Oz-roof over other roofing contractors?

We are Not a franchise!

We are a locally owned and operated roof restoration business servicing the local area. When you make a phone call to us it won’t go through to a national call centre. The person that inspects your roof will issue the quote and then manage the job to completion.

No Money down!

We have a no money upfront policy. While other companies charge a hefty deposit and often ask for a percentage of the job upfront to lock you in, we don’t play any of those games. We just ask for a $100 deposit and don’t ask for a cent more until your roof restoration is fully complete and you are 100% happy with your new roof. No risk, No pressure. No BS.

Competitively priced!

Because we aren’t a big company with huge overheads or part of a national franchise system we are able to be very competitively priced. From years of feedback, we have found that we are generally 30% – 40% cheaper than the big name brands and franchises – This is while delivering a quality of work that exceeds our competitors.

Specialists in roofing

We just do one thing and do it really well. We wont try to sell you Roller shutters or Solar panels or steak knives or pizzas! Roofing is what we know and love and the only thing we do. Don’t go with a company that sells everything under the sun, they cant possibly take their roofing as seriously as we do.

Backing of the big name manufactures!

We might be a small company but through a proven history of quality work, we have the backing of some of the big name suppliers in the Roof Restoration Industry. We use Revolution Roofing for all our Iron roofs and Tile to Colourbond conversions.

The Revolution Roofing products come with the highest warranty on the market. For all our Tile Roof Restorations we exclusively use Dulux Acratex products. Oz-Roof are a Dulux certified applicator and that means the full Dulux 15 years warranty comes with all our Restorations.

Tradesmen not salesmen

The person that comes to your house is a tradesman of many years experience that really knows roofing. We are not a company that sends you a high pressure sales person with no real industry experience who will probably be selling Indoor blinds at his next appointment. We don’t play sales games either.

We generally give you a fixed price quote verbally at our roof inspection and then follow it up with a formal quote by email.

No “for a limited time only” No, “If you sign up today we will give you a fake discount” No, “Free plasma TV for this week only” We just give up front discussion and quote with no games.

Fully Licensed Professionals

We are a fully licenced Building Work Contractor. BLD 313622


With over a decade of experience, servicing hundreds of Australian homes and roofs, we always recognise the importance of delivering the right services for our clients. That is why no matter what solution or service your roof may require, our team is always determined to ensure your satisfaction.
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Men did a great job of the roof. Good price and confident work. Would have them again.

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Our roof looks like new!

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The Guys from Oz-Roof did an amazing job. Very happy with the the quality of work that was done to our tired looking roof. It has completely …

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We are very happy with the appearance and quality of our Oz-Roof re-coating of our old Colorbond roof. Justin, Daniel & Joel were very professional, working around …

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We were really happy with the price (far cheaper then the other quotes we got) and the quality of work. We really like our new roof – …


At Oz-Roof we’re focused on bringing you the best solutions that suit your project and budget.

That’s why we partner with NexteelTM, the next generation colourfast steel option to bring you a better pre-painted steel option with 27 brand new colours to select from and even the COLORBOND® yesterday’s heroes.

The NextSTARTM range lasts 10 years longer, due to its advanced paint technology. That’s a better colour result for longer, better protection of the steel for longer.

Re-roof once with us for specialty advice on all roof sheeting types and colours.

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Five reasons why:


When re-roofing,we highly recommend lining the new roof with an Insulation blanket. It’s a great way of increasing the energy efficiency of old homes that were built prior to the 6 star energy rating system. With Insulation blanket and a couple of whirlybirds installed the house can.

Re-roofing Services in Adelaide Experts in Insulation


Yes the owners of the house can stay during the works, we often need to use the driveway for skip bins and will make some noise during working hours 7.30am – 4pm.

Yes Oz-Roof carries public liability Insurance covered up to 20 million. Oz-Roof is a fully licensed building work contractor and can be looked up on the OCBA database.

No. Oz-Roof has experience in performing hundred of re-roofs and roof replacements. We never take chances. During the winter months the rate of daily progress on a job often slows as we usually re-roof smaller sections of a house roof at a time.

Yes. This is often a perfect time to do it. Just ask us to add this to your quote if interested.

Each and every property is different but in general a tile conversion will take around 7 working days while a metal re-roof will take around 4 days.
Yes, there is a significant weight reduction, usually in the ratio of around 10 to 1. This being for every 10 tonne of roof tiles that are removed 1 tonne of roofing iron and flashings is put back in place.

This is very difficult to give a meaningful figure. The smallest of roof replacements are usually around the $15,000 mark while a large and more difficult roof replacement may be more than $30,000. We can usually give an approximate figure over the phone based on online imagery.

The simple answer to this is yes, there will always be more noise transferred through an iron roof than a tiled however, this is significantly reduced when the new roof sheeting is lined with an insulating blanket.

Oz-Roof offers a 15 year warranty on all workmanship. We also use Revolution Roofing for all our roof sheeting and they issue very strong and long warranties.

Yes, we have many of our past projects on our website. We also have a roof replacement / re-roofing case studies. See our case studies here.

Yes, this is a very common scenario. We will arrange for our solar electrician to remove and refit the solar panels as needed. He will also install new mounting hardware when converting from a tiled to Iron or Colourbond roof. For more detailed information read our blog on Roof painting and Roof restoration with solar panels.

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