Roof Restoration vs Roof Replacement: Choosing the Best Option for Your Home

So, you suspect that your roof may require some work. Perhaps you’ve spotted a few shingles on the ground after a stormy winter’s night, or ...
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house with colorbond roof in Adelaide

Selecting a Colour for Your Colorbond Roof: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you are considering painting, restoring, or replacing your roof, choosing the right colour is essential for achieving a result that will maximise your home’s ...
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A Comprehensive Guide to Roof Pointing and Repointing Costs in Adelaide

If you’ve spotted what appears to be mysterious cracking in the mortar around your roof’s cap tiles, you’re not alone. In all likeliness, you have ...
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Roof Ceiling Leak

Top 8 Reasons Your Roof Is Leaking – And What You Can Do About It

If you’ve noticed water spots on your ceiling, it’s time to investigate the source of the leak. Roof leaks occur for various reasons, and some ...
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Terracotta Tiles: Roof Restoration or Roof Replacement?

Image Above: A 40-year-old glazed terracotta roof during a roof replacement conversion to insulated Colorbond. Terracotta tile roofs can be found throughout Adelaide. Typically sported ...
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moss terracotta roof tiles

6 Warning Signs That You Need a Roof Replacement

Most homeowners only begin to consider the health of their roof once problems arise. At Oz-Roof, we always emphasise the importance of proactive roof maintenance ...
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A Comprehensive Guide to Transforming Your Home’s Exterior

Is the outside of your home looking a little tired and worse for wear? Don’t despair! You’re not alone. Many homeowners feel overwhelmed when it ...
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cost of roof replacement Adelaide

The Cost of a Roof Replacement in Adelaide: Everything You Need to Know

There inevitably comes a time in a roof’s lifespan when, whether due to age or damage, replacement becomes a necessity. Faced with this prospect, one ...
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Roof Restorations Explained: Why a Proactive Approach Is Best for Your Roof

For most Adelaide homeowners, the property they live in will be the most significant investment of their lives. Our homes are not only a place ...
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Decramastic Roofing: What Homeowners Should Know, and Why It May Be Time for a Replacement

Decramastic roof tiles, also known as pressed metal tiles or “Decrabond”, were a popular style of Australian roofing during the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Decramastic ...
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