Case Study Roof Restoration in Highbury

In mid 2021 the team from Oz-Roof had the pleasure of undertaking a full roof restoration to this stunning house in the Adelaide suburb of Highbury.

The owners of the house built the property new in the early 1990s but in recent years had been noticing the increased fading and tired appearance of the original concrete roof tiles. They noticed that Oz-Roof had undertaken 2 other roof restorations on houses in the street over the past year and decided to give us a call.

Above: Shot from the other side of the street showing the finished roof restoration.

Upon our Inspection we found the original roof tiles to be Boral concrete shingle roof tiles, (very similar to Monier Homestead roof tiles). The original colour of the concrete roof tiles was probably charcoal or similar but hard to tell exactly due to significant fading. This particular tile type is a “colour through” kind rather than a “colour on”. This means that rather than making the tile from plain concrete and then applying a coloured glaze to the exterior surface of the concrete roof tile, it is simply cast from coloured or tinted concrete and has no glaze.

Before After

Above: Close up image of original faded brown Monier Homestead Tile Surface prior to roof restoration. (photo taken in rain)

Before After

Above: Before and after images taken from the driveway of the home.

The downside of the “colour through” concrete roof tiles is that they fade in appearance reasonably quickly when compared to a glazed variety. The upside is that due to having no exterior glaze the Hi-build primer really penetrates the tile and blocks up all the pores and porous elements. This means the two following colour coats really sit on top of the primer coat rather than being absorbed into the tile. Long story short the finished appearance of the restored roof tile is fantastic. The transformation is significant as shown in these before and after images.

We replaced around 20 broken and chipped roof tiles and repointed all the ridge and capping tiles with modern flexible polymer based pointing compound.

Before After

Above: Close Up before and after images showing the roof tiles on the carport.

The owners chose “Charcoal” from the Dulux Acratex range as their new roof tile colour and the choice was clearly a good one. The new colour makes the whole house look much newer. The tiles are restored to their former charcoal Glory.

We thank the owners of the house for allowing us to post pictures of their roof restoration on our website and for the fantastic google review that they provided us with. For more detailed information on how we go about the roof restoration process please check our roof restoration Adelaide page.

If you think your roof may be in similar need of roof restoration please contact us for a free quote.

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