Lockleys Adelaide Roof Restoration Case Study

Above: The Lockleys roof and completion of the roof Restoration. Finished Roof Colour Monument.

In late 2021 the team from Oz-Roof had the pleasure of undertaking a full roof restoration to this beautiful house in the Adelaide suburb of Lockleys.

Still the original owners of the house, they had built the property new in the early 2000s but were never quite happy with the roof colour and had noticed the original red orange finish in the concrete roof tiles fading significantly in recent years. The owners had noticed another near-by project completed by Oz-Roof several streets from their home and decided to get their own roof restoration done along with a roof colour change.

Above: The Lockleys roof prior to roof restoration with original faded red orange finish.

During the inspection and quote process we found the original Monier Tudor tiles to be in good condition. With the roof being only around 20 years old it made a perfect time to have the roof restoration done. We found only around 20 cracked and broken tiles which is actually quite good. The owner elected to leave the solar panels in place rather than temporarily removing them. This was no problem given the overall good condition of the roof.

Above: Hi Pressure roof cleaning with Whirlaway machine to reduce surrounding mess to neighbours properties.

After some thoughtful selection the owners decided to go for a complete roof colour change by coating the new roof with Dulux Monument. Our advice with selecting a colour was to drive past several of our past jobs so that the true finished colour can be witnessed. Selecting colour from a brochure can be highly problematic as often the finished colour of a roof is quite different to the little square of sample colour in a brochure. The finish of a tile roof restoration is also always a gloss finish and this can also change the overall appearance and look of a freshly restored roof.

Above: Part way through the application of the primer coat. The white colour of the primer indicates that it is Dulux Hi-Build primer, the best primer on the market.

Our guys set to work pressure cleaning with a “Whirlaway” cleaning machine. This type of pressure cleaning is very effective on concrete roof tiles while also significantly reducing the surrounding mess that is usually created with a gun style roof pressure clean.

The guys re-pointed all the cap tiles with new flexible polymer based pointing compound and changed out all the broken tiles.

The primer used on this job and all our tile roof restorations is the Dulux Hi-Build primer. It is the absolute best primer on the market. It is very thick and white in colour. It seals off the surface of the tile so that the 2 remaining colour coats sit on top of the primer coat rather than being absorbed into the tile. This gives a great finished appearance to the tiles at the end of the job.

Above: Application of the first Monument colour coat.

The final process of the roof restoration at Lockleys was the 2 colour coats. The 2 coats of Monument were put on extra thick so that the true depth of colour can be seen in the finished roof restoration.

The finished photos speak for themselves. This property was completely transformed by changing the roof from a faded red orange to a rich glossy Monument finish. The owner also has the peace of mind knowing that the roof restoration comes with a 15 year warranty issued from both Dulux Australia and Oz-Roof.

If you think your roof is in need of restoration or if you would like to do a drive by past any of our many completed roof restorations around Adelaide then give us a call or drop us an online enquiry.

If you would like to lean more or see some videos on roof restoration visit our roof restoration Adelaide page here.

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