Roof Replacement in Stonyfell Case Study

In March of 2021 Oz-Roof received a quote request from a homeowner in the Adelaide suburb of Stonyfell. The owner requested a roof inspection to discuss whether roof restoration or roof replacement / re-roofing was the best option for their property.

Above: The original concrete tiled roof at Stonyfell is in a very poor state. Note the excessive moss, lichen is a sign of the tiles being very porous.

Upon our roof Inspection we discovered an original concrete roof tile from the 1960s in a very poor state. The tile surface had clearly never been restored during its 60 plus year life and was really beyond the point of roof restoration. The tiles were very porous and had been so for quite some years, this led to the tiles being very brittle and prone to breakage. All things considered we recommended the client undertake a full roof replacement or reroofing as a better value and longer lasting option than a roof restoration.

Above: Southern side of the roof fully framed and partially clad showing the foil backed Insulation blanket under the roof sheeting.

Roof replacement process

Our work commenced in Mid April and despite some rain during the roof replacement process the job was completed in 5 working days. The Home owners were able to stay in the home during the re- roofing process with the only disruption being some noise from power tools on the roof and skip bins blocking their driveway.

Above: A time lapse video of the roof replacement at Stonyfell.

Benefits of a roof replacement

As part of each re-roofing or roof replacement that we undertake we always use the deeper corrugated roof sheeting from Revolution Roofing. These sheets are 21mm Deep and are much stronger than the regular 16mm deep corrugated sheeting you would find on every other house in the street. The sheets actually have 15% more material per square metre due to their deeper profile.

Above: A sectional drawing of the profile of the 21mm Deep roof sheeting.

Sagging roof structure rectified

During the roof re-roofing process we completely re-frame the old roof structure with metal roof battens. We fit the battens at 900mm centres ensuring the new roof sheeting doesn’t need to span far and can easily take the loads of a future solar panel array. The original timber tile battens are left in place but serve no purpose with the new roof other than holding the Insulation blanket in place.

Above: The reframed roof with metal battens installed at 900mm centres. Any excessive sagging in the roof structure is packed out and rectified at this stage.

Insulating the new Colourbond roof

In almost every case a potential client accepts our recommendation to Insulate the new roof sheeting with 50mm foil backed Insulation blanket. We always advise that while the Insulation blanket does cost more its benefits are many. These being a much quieter roof both during rain and with expansion and contraction noises and obviously the biggest difference being a much cooler house in summer and warmer in winter.

Above: Image showing the roof after roof replacement

Below: Image showing the roof before the roof replacement

In summary our client was super happy with their finished roof replacement. Their property appearance was completely transformed and value increased. The new roof is quieter and far more insulated. They received a 15 year warranty from Oz-Roof and a 30 year warranty on the new roof sheeting from Revolution Roofing. The client in this example chose Colourbond Monument as the finished colour of the new roof.

If you are having ongoing issues with your roof or if yours looks a bit similar to this one then give us a call to discuss some options. It doesn’t take us long to determine whether roof replacement or roof restoration is the best option for your property and our advice and Inspection is completely free.

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