Roof Restoration or Roof Replacement?

roof restoration roof replacement

Have you been looking up at your old tired roof for sometime knowing something needs to be done but not sure exactly what?

Maybe the roof surface is looking poor or you have ongoing leak issues?

Chances are you will need to do one of two things, either a Roof Restoration or Roof replacement.

In this article we will share with you some of our considerations when we advise a potential new client of whether to go down the path of a roof restoration or roof replacement.

Roof Restoration

In Adelaide Oz-Roof perform 3-4 roof restorations every week. Generally speaking a roof restoration is a great way of giving your roof further life and ensuring the roof is leak free for years to come. The aesthetic benefits of a newly coated roof in any chosen colour can also be significant. Check our gallery for before and after images. We find the best value is obtained if a roof restoration is done when the roof is around 20 years of age. At this age most of the original glaze and colour will have gone from the tile but it won’t be too porous yet. By coating and sealing the tile before it becomes porous the strength of the tile is maintained and it will be less likely to snap or break in the future. Once completed we are able to issue a 15 year warranty over the new roof restoration backed up by Dulux and Oz-Roof. For more detailed information visit our roof painting page. Occasionally we inspect a roof that may be 40 – 50 years old and never had maintenance of any kind. In this case the tiles may have been porous for several decades and become very brittle. On a roof like this it is not uncommon to replace more than 100 tiles and we can expect to break another 100 throughout the roof restoration process. The pointing has often fallen out from under the cap tiles and there maybe sagging in the original structure. When a roof is in this state of disrepair are advise is often that it may be better to stop sending good money after bad and invest a little more in the roof by undertaking a full roof replacement or re-roofing tile conversion.

Roof Restoration or Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is the ultimate investment for your roof and home. While the cost in Adelaide is usually around 3 times the cost of a roof restoration the benefits in both performance and longevity are unmatched. On all of our roof replacements we install foil backed insulation blanket directly under the new roof sheeting. This gives great insulative benefit stopping the heat (or cold) from penetrating the house at the roof surface. The Insulation blanket also gives great noise suppression benefits meaning you can talk on the phone during heavy rain instead of having the roaring sound in the back ground. We source all our replacement roof sheeting from Revolution Roofing. Every one of our roof replacements receives the True Oak Deep 21mm deep corrugated roof sheeting. The product also comes with an industry leading 42 year warranty.

If you suspect your property is in need of either a roof restoration or roof replacement contact Oz-Roof today. We offer free advice over the phone and can usually give a reasonably accurate ball park figure based on online imagery. Whether you require a roof restoration or roof replacement we can remove and refit your solar panels. We do many roof restorations and roof replacements every year all over Adelaide and SA.

Roof Restoration or Roof Replacement

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