A Comprehensive Guide to Roof Pointing and Repointing Costs in Adelaide

If you’ve spotted what appears to be mysterious cracking in the mortar around your roof’s cap tiles, you’re not alone. In all likeliness, you have detected broken or displaced roof pointing, a pervasive maintenance issue in tiled roofs around Adelaide. Fortunately, qualified Adelaide roof restoration professionals can quickly repoint your roof.

In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to roof pointing and repointing costs across Adelaide. Whether you’re just starting your research or are ready to hire a contractor, read on for everything you need to know about the roof pointing and repointing process.

If your home is over a decade old, your roof pointing is likely a combination of sand and cement. While this type of pointing was standard at the time, technology has fortunately evolved. Today, roof pointing incorporates polymers and invisible rubbers, resulting in a highly flexible material that can better withstand the elements. Unlike compounds from yesteryear, modern roof pointing can move adaptively as the roof expands and contracts throughout the seasons.

How is roof pointing repaired?

A standard roof restoration usually includes a ‘point over’ in which new material is layered over the original sand and cement. This layer of new pointing is around 3-4mm thick and extremely strong. Workers may use a grinder with a diamond blade to create a clean bonding surface in areas where the pointing was applied unevenly.

Roof pointing vs bedding explained

Contrary to popular belief, contractors rarely lift the original cap tiles during roof pointing. In most situations, it’s best practice to leave the cap tiles in place and coat over the existing pointing, thus avoiding the mess that inevitably accompanies the process of lifting cap tiles. Only on a truly dilapidated roof has its cap riles lifted to facilitate repair.

Roofing contractors refer to this process as re-bedding the roof. The roof bedding is a large clump of sand and cement that sits under the cap tile and is invisible from above. On rare occasions where the bedding has wholly failed, roofers will lift the cap tiles and replace them. However, this constitutes significantly more work and, as a result, costs more. Because of this, roofs are only re-bedded when absolutely necessary.

How much should I expect to pay?

Roof pointing and bedding is usually included as part of a complete roof restoration service. However, if you perform the process over a series of stages, you can expect to pay around $10 – $12 (+GST) for roof pointing per cap tile. This cost includes the supply and application of the flexible pointing compound.

If your roof requires full re-bedding, the level of work and quantity of labour increase. Hence, the cost is significantly higher. Full re-bedding costs approximately $21 – $23 (+GST) per cap tile.

DIY Roof Pointing Tips

If you don’t want to pay for a professional restoration or feel like giving it a go yourself, grab a trough and bucket of pre-mixed pointing compound and head down to Bunnings to purchase a small gauging trowel. Remember not to apply the product too thick and keep the consistency and application smooth. Occasionally dipping your trough in a bucket of water so that nothing sticks to it is a good trick. We recommend taking a look at the video below for some valuable tips.

Summing Up

We hope you found this guide helpful. Roof pointing and bedding is an essential part of keeping your roof in top condition, and it’s important to make sure you understand the process and what to expect in terms of cost. If you have any questions or would like a quote for roof pointing or bedding in Adelaide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy Pointing!

The Oz-Roof Team

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